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Vodafone K3770-Z Unlock/Dashboard Problems Solution.

Here I will discuss problems on K3770-Z Modem After/Before unlocking.


=>I unlocked more than 250 Modems with MF192 Unlock file but i never got any problem after unlock.You can see unlock tutorial using MF192 File at here:

K3770-Z Unlock Solution ( MF192 File )


Problems after unlocking discussed below.


1.  Driver Problem

=> It's common problem because all system have not all drivers ;)

You can download drivers for MF186 & MF192 both from here. (4.74 MB)

=> If problem not solved then follow step 2.


2. Dashboard Problem

=> When above drivers not works even manually installation then you can use this ISO file for install dashboard software without your modem.


3. CD-ROM Problem OR NO Virtual CD After Unlock.

=> You need to send AT-COMMAND to Modem...Refer this tutorial :

[Tutorial] How to send AT Command to USB Modems

=> AT-Commands for this modem :

    • AT%USBMODEM=0 => "Only a modem."
    • AT%USBMODEM=1 => "Modem + CD ROM".
4. Unlocking error after 98% Updating Done.
=> Will discuss later :)

Huawei New Algo Unlock Codes & Huawei Modem API

Published on July 12, 2012 by Nirav Soni
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  1. dear niravji, i have successfully write on k3770z, but on istalling connect manager ,it cant show any modem connected it show only (mts connect is not connected to network). so i cant any one, in modem only red light blink, not turn to green. when i again write dashboad then after 60-64% it directly come to 96% & after show write suceesfull it show fail.
    please help sir
    i cant connect?
    sourabh mohta – 98270-70347

    on new computer it will install properly with connect manager, but green light not come & connect manager show some time device not connected & some time mts is not connected to network.
    whats the problem?

    please help sirji?…………

  3. mr nirav i unlocked my modem but i am unable to connect to internet…..can i revert back to k3770 or can u provide me any other dashboard plzzzzzzz..

  4. my k3770z MF192 is working good.Thanks for the solution.Only one driver installation is failed.So i wanted to know how to use the zte icera file to install drivers..Thnks in advance

  5. i sucessfully unlocked the modem,but after unlocking 2 times modem connects sucessfully.
    next time the red light blinking continuously…,& also the cd-rom and modem not shown on my computer,
    in the device manager the two item shows caution marks

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